Gucci and Roblox

We visited Gucci in Roblox today! It was a fascinating world to be in and discover this legendary brand.

Games and virtual worlds lend themselves very well to engaging the community and attracting new generations.

What we ask ourselves at Virtuall is how a brand can continue to engage its users in and beyond the game.
Our conclusion is that along with a great experience, the brand must continue to bring fresh content to the community to build a real following.
One-off engagement without tending might end up as abandoned gardens... 🌸

Our Product Experience Platform makes it easy for brands and agencies to continue to deliver community 3D content across multiple games. Why not engage across worlds such as Roblox and Naver Z (ZEPETO)🎮📈😊to reach further and engage longer?

Gucci + Roblox

Direct to Avatar

“Direct to Avatar” starts here at Virtuall.

There is a very comprehensive article about how brands can reach their customers in a new and valuable way written by Catherine Seeds: “listen” to it here:

Virtualls’ platform enables all brands with Direct to Avatar sales and marketing capabilities. It starts with your fashion designs!

Some key proof points

Ralph Lauren released a 50-piece digital clothing collection in August 2021, available for purchase in the social networking app Zepeto.

American Eagle announced a virtual clothing collection for Bitmoji avatars in July 2021.

Gucci and The North Face, a VF Company released a joint collection of avatars on Pokémon Go in January 2021.

In March 2021 Gucci released virtual sneakers that can only be worn with AR, using technology developed by Wanna.

In Roblox, the Gucci Garden experience offers The Collector’s Room. It allows people to collect limited Gucci items in the metaverse. Gucci, from their initial sales of the collectible items, collected 286,000,000 Robux from the game. This is approx 3M USD.

Your fashion designs are worth more than you think

Fashion is not only physical, but today it's also Virtual and you can monetize that. Maybe in ways, you didn't even consider. Possibly millions of dollars?

NikeAdidas , DOLCE&GABBANA, and Lacoste are all legendary brands that have found an exciting path to new revenue, brand exposure, and outstanding customer experiences. It starts with their digital fashion as avatar wearables in games.

Nike alone collected 185M USD from NFTs and virtual fashion this year. Fashion in Games is already a 54B USD market.

Do you want to know how your brand can do the same? Reach out to us; we have taken a complex engagement and made it super simple for any brand!

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