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Connecting the virtual and physical fashion experience

The user journeys of physical and virtual fashion are often described as separate experiences that do not correlate. At Virtuall we connect these two experiences by enabling fashion enthusiasts to not only wear their purchased item physically but also in all their daily virtual channels. One confirmation key after the purchase of an item that unlocks all phygital channel.

First step: Explore

Physical journey: 

  • 01 Window shopping:
    I walk down a shopping street and get inspired by different brands.
  • 02 Shop visit: I go into a physical store and let the colors, arrangement and clothing lines sink in. I walk along the lines of clothing items displayed.
  • 03 Item screening: I look at the clothing items in detail and feel the fabrics.
  • 04 Item try-on: I try-on clothing items in the changing cabin and look at each item from different perspectives.

Virtual journey:

  • 01 Social media profiles and groups:
    • I scroll through my Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok feeds and let the 3D animations and gamifications of virtual clothing items inspire me. 
  • 02 Virtual Showroom:
    • I enter a virtual showroom by clicking on a link in the brand’s e-commerce page or social media profile. 
    • I look at different videos and images describing the origins and the vision of the brand. 
    • I look at the outfits portrayed on 3D avatars and let the overall brand experience sink in. 
    • I engage in a game through which I can get a discount on clothing items.
  • 03 E-commerce product view:
    • I enter the product page of the clothing item by clicking on one of the items in the virtual showroom. 
    • I look at every detail of the item in 360° and zoom into little details. 
    • I test how different patterns and colors might look in physical and virtual environments.
  • 04 E-commerce product try-on:
    • I try on the clothing item by scanning the QR code that I can see on the product page of the clothing item. 
    • I hold the front lens of my phone towards me, projecting the clothing item in an AR filter from the front and both sides on me.

Second step: Purchase

Physical journey:

  • I purchase the item in the shop

Virtual journey:

  • I select my size, click on the purchase button, go through the payment process and receive a confirmation email with my order. 
  • The email contains my personal proof of authentication for the item that I purchased in the form of an NFT that was minted for me. 
  • The email lists the security details for the NFTs, access to a closed community space and gift codes for receiving the item in different virtual channels.

Third step: Engage

First activation: Phygital experience

  • In-store purchase: I unpack the item and place it into my wardrobe
  • E-commerce purchase: I wait until the clothing item arrives, try it on physically, keep it or send it back
  • Virtual exclusive community space:
    • I enter the community space via the code of my confirmation email. 
    • I let the news, activities, competitions and events inspire me. I read more about the access possibilities that my NFT enables me. 
    • I can e.g. take part in a competition co-creating one future fashion item, attend interview sessions where designers present their ideas and inspirations for clothing lines. 
    • I attend exclusive events such as concerts through a link bringing me to a virtual room

Second activation: Daily use

  • Social media:
    • I enter my Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok accounts and scan the QR code from my confirmation email. 
    • I share the visuals of my NFT in my network as a proof of my ownership. I show the additional virtual features of my item in an AR try-on for different stories. 
  • Leisure, family, friends, events:
    • I wear my item on a daily basis, with family and friends, at work, or during leisure activities.
  • Games & virtual worlds:
    • I enter my favorite games and use the gift code from my confirmation email to fetch the item as a skin inside the game.
    • I wear the skin on my avatar during concerts and games.
  • Physical & virtual work meetings:
    • I integrate the AR filter of my clothing item into the camera setting of my phone or laptop 
    • I use the AR filter of my clothing item during work meetings or enter virtual meetings wearing my skin.

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