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Gucci and Roblox

September 3, 2022
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We visited Gucci in Roblox today! It was a fascinating world to be in and discover this legendary brand.

Games and virtual worlds lend themselves very well to engaging the community and attracting new generations.

What we ask ourselves at Virtuall is how a brand can continue to engage its users in and beyond the game.
Our conclusion is that along with a great experience, the brand must continue to bring fresh content to the community to build a real following.
One-off engagements without tending might end up as abandoned gardens... 🌸

Our Product Experience Platform makes it easy for brands and agencies to continue to deliver community 3D content across multiple games. Why not engage across worlds such as Roblox and Naver Z (ZEPETO)🎮📈😊to reach further and engage longer?

Gucci + Roblox