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Shopping for Fashion in Multiverse (Metaverse?)

The channels are changing, and you need to think of immersive social media (i.e., Hotel Hideaway, Ifland...) or game/virtual worlds (Ready Player MeHiberDecentraland) as countries full of stores.

Every such channel is an opportunity to reach further and generate new value from and for the brands’ virtual fashion. Not to mention the exciting customer journeys that can be created for virtual and physical fashion together.

The Digital Dimension of a physical product can move fashion into value beyond its current. This value could empower made-to-order journeys – “wear the virtual versions while you wait for the physical one to be produced” and make that waiting an exciting part of the journey.

Or open doors, virtually be the key to exclusive communities, or why not physical doors, venues, events....?

Whatever the application or utility in the real world, it is empowered by the digital.

The opportunities for fashion with special powers are endless with access to technology and the right partners.

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