TOTAL IMMERSION - Capgemini's report on customer experience is here!

We were thrilled to read the latest report on Immersive technologies and their impact on customer experience released by Capgemini.

The report sheds light on what customers want to experience, when, and how they perceive immersive and Metaverse technology as part of that experience.

Did you know:

58% - of consumers surveyed mentioned immersive experiences could be impactful and valuable during product/service selection and purchase.
That number is 75% in the Retail and Fashion industry segment alone.

Nine in ten consumers are curious about the metaverse

Capgemini's report on customer experience affirms the vital need for Virtuall's 3D-omnichannel platform. According to Capgemini, we are a KEY part of enterprises’ ability to scale their engagement across these valuable channels.

Strengthen digital assets and omnichannel integration. To deliver immersive experiences at scale, organizations should start investing in the necessary digital assets: the hardware infrastructure required for the creation and delivery of these experiences. This could mean building and storing 3D models, adapting them for different platforms, and building integrations around these experiences. For instance, if the organization wants to showcase a particular product in 3D, it will first need a digital representation of the product with all possible configurations. Once it has a library of such products, these can be easily ported onto a web-based AR or a platform such as Unity or Unreal Engine. Omni-channel integration ensures that the experience is smooth across different channels. Say a consumer goes to the website and finds a product they are interested in. They can then proceed to the organizations’ virtual world in the metaverse and interact with the product. The consumer can choose to purchase the product online and have it delivered to their home address. This involves integration across the various consumer touchpoints, order management, and inventory-management systems. Without seamless integration across these various channels, the experience will be disjointed for the customer.

Capgemini Research Institute

Please take the opportunity to read Capgemini's report on customer experience; it is filled with valuable insights for Brands and Enterprises that are building their strategy for Customer Experience and Immersive Technology.

Link to the report is here.

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