Nike & RTFKT showing the way to fashion value

A project worth talking about is Nike and RTFKT phygital products.

Nike, with its RTFKT, is showing the way for how the digital dimension of a physical product is increasing the value of the whole.
These iconic Phygital products grow more valuable over time, along with their virtual features.

GenZ understands this natively. In Games, it is natural that items like capes, swords, or other game artifacts have unique features enhancing their experience, the more unique, the higher the value. With the technology available today, we can improve physical products in the real world and the virtual by merging them making them more valuable.

We strongly believe this is a capability everyone should have. We can help you “imbue” your products with special powers!

Here is a good read to brush up on what Nike and RTFKT is doing with Phygital products:

Nike is Taking Their Digital Presence to the Next Level With RTFKT’s Cryptokicks iRL

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